A bit of me

Well... I suppose I should begin to talk a bit about me and my situation while i'm posting my work.

As you can see, i decided to not speak in my natural language. It's not to look like hype or something like that. No... it's just that I have to improve my english 'cause its becoming really necessary for my job.

By the way, i'm trying to get hire on an italian production in Luxembourg, and it will be great for me to be comfortable speaking english. Saying this remind me that i finish school in almost 1month, it's freaking me out. :S

Well, now, let's take a look to the last portrait of the series you could have seen since the last month here.

It's the portrait of Mr Pierre "consanguino" Legouez... a firiend of mine.


2 commentaires:

  1. ptdr ! :D
    Et le précédent était bien joli aussi

  2. Thx, ouais disons que c'était fait un peu à l'arrache quand même le précédent.

    Surtout que je voulais faire du story à la base, finalement j'ai pondu ce truc...